Going home

13 maart 2018 - Beatrice, Verenigde Staten


I’m not used to write a blog in English since my whole blog is Dutch, but here it is, my blog about the decision I made. I decided to go home earlier than planned. 

To make a long story short, I’m not happy anymore here, in Nebraska.I’ve been feeling this for a little while now. I’ve always tried to just ignore those feelings and to just get over it, but I reached the point that I just realized that I don’t wanna do this anymore and that I’ll be truly happy again when I’m back home in the Netherlands. 

I wanna thank everybody for making my (shorter) experience a good one! I’ll never forget this and I’ll always carry all the good memories I made with me! 


3 Reacties

  1. Monique:
    13 maart 2018
    Dear Mirte 😉
    Een keuze die je met je hart❤️ maakt is de juiste keuze...
    We zijn blij dat we je binnenkort weer mogen zien en je een knuffel 😖🤭😛 kunnen geven..
  2. Jordan ❤️:
    13 maart 2018
    I’ll miss you Mirte even though I moved and didn’t get to spend a lot of time with ou thanks for a great volleyball season and thank a for being a great friend
  3. Roelien Wagter:
    13 maart 2018
    Lieve Mirte,
    Oost west, thuis best.
    See you soon !